Metal Roofing Is Green: Make Environmentally Sensible Roofing Choices

Environmentally friendly home

Looking to go green in your home? Nothing makes more environmental sense than metal roofing. It can cut your exposure to sunlight – and it lasts forever. Plus, it provides a strong line of defense against the elements.

Today’s metal roofing is considered “cool roofing” because much less of the sun’s heat is transmitted into your home than with other roofing materials. Since metal roofing is thin, it can’t retain much heat, so it can’t transfer it.

Here are several things you can do to make your metal roofing even more energy efficient and environmentally friendly:

Go with a light color. Choose the traditional galvanized finish or a light color to reflect away the greatest amount of the sun’s rays possible. This will save you energy and help you stay cool. It also means your attic will be cooler too.

Consider a radiant barrier. This thin layer of metallic insulation can dramatically reduce any transfer of heat from your roof into your attic and therefore further reduce your cooling costs.

Add a rainwater catch system. Many types of metal roofing channel water very efficiently, so consider adding a rainwater catch system to catch that water and put it to good use by collecting it for watering decorative plants or your garden.

Choose lead-free metal roofing. Some metal roofing contains lead, but you don’t want lead in or around your home. Choose lead-free metal roofing if a safe, green home is important to you. You’ll be glad you did, especially if you have children since they can be especially sensitive to lead’s harmful effects.

Go for metal roofing with recycled materials. For the greatest environmental sensitivity, choose metal roofing that includes recycled materials. Some steel roofing is nearly 60 percent reused materials. And the materials can be reused or recycled again at the end of your home’s life. Scraps can be recycled or repurposed as well.

Make yours a steep-sloped roof. If designing a home from scratch to accommodate your new metal roofing, consider a steep-sloped roof. Steep slopes discourage leaking from standing water and prevent ice buildup.

Install attic ventilation. No matter how green and efficient your roofing and your other practices, good attic ventilation at the soffits or gables can help get hot air out of your attic and away from your home to make it more comfort in the summer and easier to cool.

When you first consider the pricing of metal roofing, it may seem a bit on the expensive side. But you must remember that it will last as long as two or more asphalt roofs and save you on your energy bills. Plus, it reduces landfill since it can be reused or recycled when your home is torn down or the roofing is removed.

Contact us right away to discuss the many benefits of metal roofing – including the substantial environmental benefits. For so many reasons, you’ll be very glad you made the smart and environmentally sensitive decision to move up to metal roofing.

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