Standing Seam

When most people think of metal roofing, they think of cheap barn metal commonly known as R Panel with exposed fasteners. Mechanical seam standing seam roofing with its concealed fasteners and Kynar 500® coating standing seam roofing is the best choice in permanent roofing. Let our team at Cajun Home Improvements help you choose the best standing seam roofing material for your Louisiana home.

Standing Seam Roofing looks better than many other similar products and has the built-in durability that comes with metal roofing. Could it be the right choice for your new or existing home?

Standing Seam Is A Beautiful, Economical Choice

Made from American made 24-gauge steel, comes in panels that are 16 inches wide and have an inch-and-a-half standing seam that are made to length on site.This means the product goes on quickly, looks great.

Even better, perhaps, is the fact that standing seam metal roofing increases energy efficiency with the Kynar 500® coating The proven durability of Kynar 500® resin type paint systems allows for stable color and film integrity over decades of exposure. This durability is also seen in the retained amount of initial solar reflectance. Thus, paint systems based on the Kynar 500® resin have a surface that does not retain dirt, remains cool, and retains its original color better than any other resin type.

Color Choices Abound With Standing Seam

Easily installed over existing roofing materials, standing seam metal roofing comes in the widest possible array of pre-painted colors — and there are no old shingles to dispose of since they can remain in place as an insulating layer.

Resists Fire, Wind And More

Metal roofing like standing seam roofing comes with a generous warranty because it resists many kind of hazards. Remember, metal doesn’t burn, so there’s less risk of fire from a windblown spark than with any other kind of roofing material. And properly installed metal roofing doesn’t require regular maintenance because of wind or storms. Plus, since this material doesn’t absorb water, the risk of water damage inside your home is greatly reduce when you change to permanent metal roofing.

It’s time to give up on temporary roofing choices like composite or asphalt shingles and turn to a permanent choice. The easiest-to-install and most affordable metal roofing choice is standing seam roofing, available in Louisiana from Cajun Home Improvements. Contact us now at (985) 446-1703, and let us provide you with great service and a great product that will keep you covered for decades to come.

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