Grande Tile

Get the look of ceramic tile along with hail resistance and durability in the wind and rain that you never thought would be possible when you choose Grand Tile aluminum roofing from Cajun Home Improvements, proudly serving Louisiana and beyond.

Ceramic tile is beautiful on any roof, but hail, wind and other factors can destroy it. It can go from looking great and doing a great job protecting your home to useless shards of clay in a single storm, leaving you unprotected and with thousands of dollars of rubble on your roof. Instead, get the look without the hassles by choosing Grand Tile metal roofing.

Grand Tile Is A Great Choice

Made from industrial-grade aluminum that’s a generous third-of-an-inch thick, there’s nothing industrial about the look of Grand Tile metal roofing. This environmentally friendly products is made from more than 95 percent recycled aluminum and is 100 percent recyclable once its decades of use on your home come to an end.

Whether you live in a historic or contemporary setting or enjoy the look of a Mediterranean or desert-style home, this products is a great choice. Look around the area and you’ll see that the look of barrel tile roofing fits in with many different styles of homes in many areas. Plus, no tile choice comes with a 40-year limited transferable warranty that guarantees against fading and chipping.

There’s A Color Choice That’s Right For You

Even better than traditional tile, today’s Grand Tile metal roofing is available in wide array of color choices for a smart look in any environment. Ask our team at Cajun Home Improvements to show you the follow tile colors in person so you can get a close look.

Take A Weight Off Your Home

Did you know that a genuine tile roof can weigh in at as much as 2,000 pounds per 100 square feet? Even reduced weight tiles come in at more than 500 pounds per 100 square feet. Fiberglass alternatives weigh nearly that much. But durable, hail-resistant, wind-resistant Grand Tile metal roofing from Cajun Home Improvements weighs less than 75 pounds a square. Why put your home under pressure when it isn’t necessary to get the look you want? Plus, with metal you get increased durability too, making for a win-win situation.

At Cajun Home Improvements, we install metal roofing products for maximum beauty and the longest possible lifespan. Contact us now at (985) 446-1703 and let us show you an array of products than can enhance your home in so many ways.

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