attic ventilation Cajun Home Improvments

Attic Ventilation and Your Home

Your home may have built in a specific manner that does not require attic ventilation. If so, your home is the exception to the need for proper a proper ventilation system, in and through the attic or below the roof. Good attic ventilation is important for any home for many reasons, including: Internal air quality… ( read more )

buying a new roof design Cajun Home Improvements

Buying a New Roof: Design Matters

When buying a new roof, the things to consider are numerous. We’ve been compiling a list of purchasing criteria that we hope you will find helpful. Here is one more very important thing to consider as you make your purchasing decision: the right roofing material and design for your Louisiana home. Applicability For homes that… ( read more )

Buying a New Roof Cajun Home Improvements

Buying a New Roof: Make the Right Financial Decisions

Buying a new roof can be an important financial undertaking. Taking the long view when making your purchasing decision protects your investment in your home, as well as offering protection for all your home contains. Let’s take a look at 3 things which could be an important part of your financial decisions: Increased Home Value… ( read more )

Buying a New Roof Part 2 - Cajun Home Improvements

Buying A New Roof: 3Things to Consider Before You Purchase

There is much to consider when buying a new roof for your home. You will want to protect all that your home contains, and protect your investment. Here are 4 important things to consider when making your roofing purchase decision. It may seem a disparate list…but it all comes together under the right roof. Energy… ( read more )

Buying a New Roof Part 1 Cajun Home Improvements

Buying a New Roof: Durability, Wind Resistance, and Resiliency

Many things can be accomplished with your home’s new roof. A good place to start your purchasing process is by understanding the major things which impact your decision and then thinking in terms of what your current roof offers and what it lacks that you want to address or correct with a new roof. Buying… ( read more )

energy efficiency Cajun Home Improvements

The Right Roof Can Pay You Back With Energy Efficiency

Here is part 3 of 3 in how a roof can pay you back over time. In this series, we are answering the question: Can the right roof pay you back over time? The simple answer is “yes.” The detailed answer is that the payback can come in 3 ways: increased home value, freedom from… ( read more )

roof replacement costs Cajun Home Improvements

The Right Roof Can Pay You Back: Maintenance and Roof Replacement Costs

Here is part 2 of 3 in the ways in which a roof can pay you back over time. Most of us have to make careful decisions that will provide a good return on our investments. We have to buy products that will last and be beneficial, freeing us from future repair and replacement costs…. ( read more )

home value Cajun Home Improvements

The Right Roof Can Pay You Back: Home Value

Here is part 1 of 3 in how a roof can pay you back over time. Wouldn’t you love to have an increase in home value to pay you back for your investment? There’s an old saying that we think is very applicable when searching for a roof: “Only the very rich can afford to… ( read more )

Metal Roofing and Energy Efficiency

 It’s almost summer time, time for rising energy bills. It’s a great time to consider a metal roof. Homeowners, energy companies and the government all benefit from energy efficient metal roofing. The homeowner saves money on their monthly fuel bills, utility companies have an easier time building their infrastructure for energy output to be able… ( read more )

Fire Safety and Metal Roofing

Many roofing materials lose their fire resistance as they age. Asphalt lose their protective granules and wood shingles dry out. As they age, metal roofs do not lose their fire resistance. Even after metal roofing has been installed for 40 years, they will still be fire resistant. Give Cajun Home Improvements a call (800-406-1703) to get a free estimate on… ( read more )

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