High Winds Metal Roofing

5 Smart Tips For Choosing The Best Roof For High Winds

A single storm can destroy a roof in many cases. And ironically, one of the biggest factors in damage to a roof is windblown debris — often the debris of other people’s failed roofs. But there are things you can do to protect your roof and therefore your home. A roofing system isn’t just a […]

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Winter damage to roofing

Check Right Away To See How Well Your Roof Survived The Winter

It was an unusual winter, and your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the wind and rain as well as the occasional ice storm too. Real winter weather is a rarity around here, and that makes it even more likely that your home’s aging roof was unprepared for the impact of winter […]

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Damaged roof tiles

Metal Roofing Alternatives Don’t Always Work Out Like They Should

If you’re thinking that your roof hasn’t lasted as long as it should, you could be right if you chose a traditional roofing material. There’s a reason the tide is turning toward affordable, durable and beautiful metal roofing. In many cases, old-fashioned roofing materials simply aren’t smart choices for protecting your home — probably your […]

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Why Don’t More People Get A Metal Roof?

Consumer tastes change over time. People begin to see new products. They check out reviews, and gradually, over time, begin to accept and even embrace the new. We have seen shifts from horses to cars, from gas lamps to electricity, and the shift in roofing is coming as well. Experts don’t always recognize what consumers […]

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Choosing Between A Metal Shingle Roof And Standing Seem Metal Roofing

Making the right roofing choice means knowing your options. There’s a significant difference from one type of roofing to another — and even within each type of roofing there are options and more options. Choosing the roofing your home will wear for years isn’t a small undertaking, and you need to take the time to […]

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Metal roof maintenance

Metal Roofing Maintenance – How To Care For Your Aluminum Roofing

If you’re like most people who choose aluminum roofing for their homes and businesses, your primary reason for selecting it is that it requires only minimal maintenance. Unlike asphalt shingles that blow loose in the wind and wood shakes that split from age and improper conditioning, a metal roof is sturdy, reliable and not easy […]

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Metal Roofing Survives High Winds Better Than Any Other Choice

There’s nothing you can do if there are high winds in the area where you live — about the wind, anyway. You can’t change Mother Nature, but you can take action to make sure home is ready to deal with whatever is thrown at it. And metal roofing is a sensible and intelligent choice to […]

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Durable Metal Roofing Is A Cost-Effective, Sustainable Decision

While agricultural and industrial buildings have long been topped with metal roofing, metal is a relatively new choice for homes. But it’s a smart choice because it’s more attractive than ever, lighter than traditional asphalt shingles and resists fire. Plus, it’s so durable that it lasts perhaps twice or three times as long as asphalt […]

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Are Shingle Or Metal Roofing Best For Warm Climates?

Let’s make it clear from the beginning: Metal roofs are a smarter idea than asphalt shingles in warm climates. But why? And why does it have to look so bad? The reality today is that metal roofing isn’t like the corrugated tin people put on chicken coops and storage barns decades ago. Today’s metal roofing […]

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