Centura Steel Shingle

If you’re not sure you like the look of metal roofing, you haven’t experienced the wide array of styles, colors and choices available today. Why not get the look of traditional shingles with the Centura Steel Shingle available from our team of experienced professionals at Cajun Home Improvements?

This beautiful roofing is made in America and designed to fit in with the look of your home while enhancing the integrity and weather-hardiness of your house for decades to come.

Get To Know The Centura Steel Shingle

A great warranty and increased energy efficiency are just two of the many benefits of stylish Centura Steel Shingles from Cajun Home Improvements, serving New Orleans, Lafayette, Alexandria and the surrounding areas of Louisiana.

While composition, wood and asphalt shingles start breaking down as soon as they’re exposed to the elements, this shingle-style metal roofing will last for years. Amazingly, this product is lighter than asphalt shingles yet provides dramatically increased durability.

Colors Choices Right For Your Neighborhood

Centura Steel Shingles from Cajun Home Improvements come in a wide range of colors. And because they’re coated with a unique paint system, you get lifetime beauty that resists chipping, fading and wear. Choose from one of these colors designed for neighborhood requirements and home styles of all sorts.

An Amazing Warranty You Can’t Overlook

The Lifetime Limited Warranty that comes with your Centura Steel Shingles is transferable to future homeowners and spans up to 40 years. Your roofing is also guaranteed against fading and chalking for 30 years, meaning the color you choose is the color you get for three decades or more. There’s no maintenance and amazing peace of mind.

If it’s time to step up to metal roofing, it’s time to contact Cajun Home Improvements, a smart choice for Louisiana homeowners. Contacting us means you don’t just get the best products — like this one — but you also get proper underlayment and proper installation to ensure that you get maximum life from your roofing products.

Why take chances with other companies? Why not choose a company built on a 30-year history in the business. For metal roofing that matches your home’s styling and fits into your neighborhood, it’s Centura Steel Shingles. And for installation that gets the job done right so you’re always covered, it’s Cajun Home Improvements. Call us now at (985) 446-1703. You’ll be glad you did when the rain and the winds come.

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