With decades of experience, we understand what it takes to put a roof over your head. Protection from wind, rain and hail are paramount for our beloved homes. Hurricanes happen, and our metal roofing products, with our expert installation, bring you a lifetime of peace of mind with warranted, maintenance free, energy saving, and beautiful roofing solutions.

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We are a company that’s got you covered 24/7. When you allow us to provide you the very best in Louisiana metal roofing along with professional installation that increases durability and beauty, we offer you the following assurances:
We emphasize quality. In the products we offer and the installation services we provide, nothing matters more to us than quality. We do what it takes to do your job right and ensure that your home remains secure and attractive for years to come.
We believe in transparency. That’s why we always provide detailed quotes that spell out the price for your new metal roof in writing. We make sure you never have to deal with hidden costs or unexpected expenses when dealing with us.
We employ only professionals. That means the team we send to estimate your job or complete your work is always on time, always a pleasure to work with and always courteous and pleasant. We choose good people who want to do their best for you.
We understand how to communicate. When there are unforeseen delays of supplies or the estimated date of completion changes, we keep you informed. When you know what to expect, everything works out for the best.
We know you want a warranty. And all our products and services come with generous warranties that we’ll explain to you as we review your choices with you. We put our good name on the line with every job, and we’ll make sure our services and products don’t let you down.
We avoid pressuring you. Metal roofing is a smart choice that sells itself, so we don’t need to use high-pressure tactics. Choosing us and the products we offer is an intelligent decision you’ll be pleased to make.
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Our company is built on a 30-year commitment to metal roofing and to customer service. No other roofing company in Louisiana has a greater commitment to its customers or a greater array of fine products available. And no other company has the Cajun Home Improvements background of quality and dependability.

Our products are the best roofing choices, and nothing beats our time-tested and proven installation techniques. When it’s time to move up to a beautiful metal roof that will save you hassles and ensure the integrity of your home for years to come, contact us at (985) 446-1703. We’ll get the job done right for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying
About Us

Our experience with Cajun Home Improvements has been extremely positive from initial phone call to clean up. The meticulous work completed on our new metal roof gives our home a whole new appearance. Your crew was courteous, hard-working, polite and very professional, keeping me updated with their progress daily.
About a year ago my wife Sherry and I realized that we were going to have to replace our roof, because our asphalt composite shingles were guaranteed for 25 years were deteriorating rapidly after only 18 years. After researching the various asphalt shingles or (paper roof system) on the market today. We come to learn and realize that all asphalt roofing systems are engineered to fail sooner or later.
We are pleased with the metal roof Cajun Homes installed for us and we get MANY compliments about it.


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