Get The Look Of Wood Shakes Without Ugly Weathering, Hassles Or Fire Risks

With beautiful and innovative KasselWood Steel Shingles and available in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and all of Louisiana from Cajun Home Improvements, you get the great look of wooden shakes without the downsides.

While wood shakes crack, split, and weather unevenly, metal continues to look the same year after year. And while homeowners with wood shakes are doing their required cleanings and chemical treatments, you can do something else — because metal needs no maintenance. Plus, there’s no fire risk from wind-blown debris, which can quickly ignite even the best wooden roofing materials.

More About KasselWood Steel Shingles From Cajun Home Improvements

The KasselWood Steel Shingles is the right choice for an elegant and high-end look without the many problems associated with wooden roofs. And since metal roofing is easy to install and doesn’t need to be replaced every few years as wood shakes do, you save a lot of money in the long-run too.

Like all the metal roofing products we install, KasselWood Steel Shingles resist chalking, fading, and cracking. Interlocking panels mean hail and even hurricane-force winds shouldn’t be a problem. And you may save on your energy bills because of the reflective properties of this high-quality aluminum roofing product.

Additional features include:

  • Hidden fasteners for the best possible look
  • Deep patterning for the most natural look
  • Can’t rot or host insects like wood can
  • Doesn’t absorb water
  • Can be installed over existing roofing, reducing landfill
  • And more.

This feature-rich metal roofing choice is available in a selection of colors designed to accent and complement every type of home.

Choose The Best For Metal Roofing For Your Needs

Cajun Home Improvements has been providing great services to homeowners and business owners in New Orleans, Lafayette and across Louisiana, and we look forward to making a real difference for you too. Because we offer the best products from the finest manufacturers and let you choose the solution that most appeals to you, you get the highest quality and complete satisfaction.

To learn more about KasselWood Steel Shingles and the other steel and aluminum roofing choices we have available, please fill out our online form or call us. We look forward to meeting your roofing needs and exceeding your expectations.

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