For Longevity And Durability, You Can’t Beat Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs

If you install an asphalt roof on your home, you’ll need a new roof every 12 to 20 years – unless a windstorm or hail damages the roof, requiring replacement sooner. But metal roofing can last as long as your home, and it looks more beautiful than ever.

Even today’s best asphalt roofing materials are really just paper and oil or perhaps fiberglass, and they start to deteriorate almost as soon as they go on. Regular exposure to the sun and normal weather are all it takes to aid in asphalt roofing’s deterioration.

Metal roofing does not decompose, however. It can withstand nearly anything that Mother Nature sends its way.

Other roofing materials have their own problems. Wood shakes, for example, experience weather-related issues, including drying, rotting, curling and cracking. Plus, wood shingles can be a fire hazard. Concrete tiles may seem like a good idea, but they can experience problems when subjected to freezing and thawing.

Metal Comes In Styles And Patterns To Match Your Home

We understand that not everyone likes the look of a traditional metal-colored standing seam roof. No matter your desires and the style of your home, there’s a metal roofing product designed for you.

Consumers are often quite surprised to learn that metal roofing comes in a very wide variety of styles and colors designed to blend into any neighborhood and look like cedar shakes, slate, tile and even asphalt shingles.

Metal roofing matches today’s lifestyles in another way too: it’s environmentally friendly. As many as 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into American landfills each year, but durable metal roofing lasts for decades and can be reused or recycled when removed at the end of a home’s life.

Even better, some metal roofing products contain up to 50 to 60 percent reused materials.

A Metal Roof Has Long-Term Value

A premium metal roofing system adds long-term value to your home, the most important investment of most families. Metal costs a bit more than disposable asphalt in the beginning, but it’s comparable in price to tiles or shakes and a bit less than slate. But those other types of roofing have short lifespans while a metal roof may have a lifespan and a warranty of 30 to 50 years.

Plus, maintenance costs are nearly nothing for a metal roof. You may want to hose it down now and then, but that’s all. There are no chemical treatments necessary and no repairs or checks to make sure things are staying in place as there are with other roofing materials.

When you consider that a metal roof will outlast at least two asphalt roofs, the price starts to look very affordable. Why not contact us now to learn more specifics about the advantages of moving up to metal roofing?

We want you to have the very best homeowner experience possible. And a metal roof is part of beautifying your home for the present and maintaining it for the future.

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