Durable Metal Roofing Is A Cost-Effective, Sustainable Decision

Metal roofing

While agricultural and industrial buildings have long been topped with metal roofing, metal is a relatively new choice for homes. But it’s a smart choice because it’s more attractive than ever, lighter than traditional asphalt shingles and resists fire.

Plus, it’s so durable that it lasts perhaps twice or three times as long as asphalt roofing — and it’s completely recyclable. It’s long usable life and the ease with which it can be recycle make it the perfect choice for those concerned with sustainable building practices.

Some people once shunned metal roofing because of its likelihood of corroding, especially when used near water, but special coatings and finishes now eliminate that concern. A zinc or zinc-aluminum coating applied to the roofing can then be covered with paint for a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

Recycled And Recyclable

Some manufacturers tout the amount of recycled material in their metal roofing products. Classic Metal Roofing Products, for example, uses 95 percent recycled metal, of which a vast majority of that content is recycled consumer waste, primarily used beverage containers, that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill. And when a home with metal roofing is torn down, that roofing can all be recycled. In some cases, it can even be used again as it is.

When you consider that metal roofs look better than ever thanks to new styles and colors and add in the fact that rainwater can be harvested from most types of metal roofing more easily and efficiently than from any other type of roofing, metal roofing starts to seem even more attractive to environmentally conscious home buyers and builders.

Metal roofing is also environmentally intelligent because it’s well-insulated when installed and sealed properly, and it’s easy to attach solar panels to standing-seam roofs without doing any damage. There may also be federal tax credits if the roofing has an Energy Star rating, and that rating can signal a product that will save you on your electric bill too.

Metal Roofing Saves In Many Ways

Metal roofing costs a bit more to purchase and install than asphalt roofing in many cases, but the energy-efficiency can lead to saving. Also, metal roofing owners save for years on maintenance and repair because metal requires little maintenance and can survive many storms that weaken or cause other product to fail.

There may be savings on insurance premiums, too, since metal is fire resistant.

That means that any initial additional costs can likely be made up in savings over the many years of service you can get from a beautiful and properly installed metal roof. After all, your first metal roof is likely the last roof your home will ever need.

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