Check Right Away To See How Well Your Roof Survived The Winter

It was an unusual winter, and your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the wind and rain as well as the occasional ice storm too. Real winter weather is a rarity around here, and that makes it even more likely that your home’s aging roof was unprepared for the impact of winter storms and unable to hold up.

It’s essential that your roof remain in good condition to stand up to all the harsh weather extremes in this area. Otherwise, you’ll have moisture damage to your home when you least expect it. Harsh winter winds, rains and ice storms can take a very heavy toll on even the best roofs, and a post-winter inspection and possible repairs are essential.

So how did your roof do this winter? You may be surprised when you check inside and outside closely to find that the integrity of your home is compromised because of a failing or damaged roof. It’s a good idea to perform the following checks right away:

1. Go into the attic and take a look at the underside of your roof deck. If you see any dark spots on the roof deck or drips down onto the insulation or items stored in your attic, you have a leak. That means it’s time to call us for roof replacement to help you make it through the spring rains.

2. Look for other signs of high moisture in the attic. One is simply the way it feels. If it seems humid in the attic but not in the rest of the home, water may have gotten in. At the very least, you have poor attic ventilation, which is a problem in itself because it can lead to damage to your insulation. We can help with new attic vents.

3. Outside, look for shingles that have lifted. Freezing and thawing can cause this, and so can wind and rain. In most cases, shingles that lift up get dirt under them and won’t seal back down by themselves when the weather warms up, as many people believe and hope. Have us out to replace them or secure them so they don’t because a problem when the spring winds kick up.

4. Look for shingles that are cracked or already completely missing. At first glance, things may seem okay. But when you look closer, there may be cracked or broken shingles that need to be replaced — or missing shingles. If your shingles are dark and there’s roofing felt underneath, missing shingles may not be immediately evident.

5. Check trim and seals too. That includes all metal trim pieces, roof and house vents and caulking too. Anything that’s loose, not sealed tightly or sitting at an odd angle needs attention from home improvement and remodeling experts.

Don’t leave your home’s vital roofing issues to chance. If you find a winter-related roofing problem, turn to our metal roofing experts at Cajun Home Improvements. Sure, you can choose to do the work yourself, but turning to experts is the best way to ensure that the work is done correctly and won’t have to be redone. Plus, our work comes with a guarantee and your own work doesn’t.

Your roof is essential to protecting your family, your possessions and the value of your home, and no aspect of home maintenance and home repair is more vital than roof repair. Now’s the time to get issues under control so you can stay safe, happy and dry in your home as the spring storms that are surely coming pound down on you.

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