Why Do Asphalt Roofs Fail?

The simple answer is the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun cause your asphalt shingles to dry-up and become brittle. Tiny cracks form in the composite material and they eventually lose their water-proofing properties. Summer heat accelerates the process by drying up the the adhesives and shingles begin to curl and break loose. As your roof becomes sun worn, the sealant used around metal flashing also dries up and breaks apart. The constant expansion and contraction with temperature causes the adhesive to come apart and fail. This exposes your home’s precious interior to the elements.

Another reason asphalt roofs fail is inadequate ventilation. Poor ventilation introduces a whole host of issues to your home. It causes moisture to become trapped in your attic, damaging the roof decking. When the roof deck is moisture-damaged it becomes spongy, weakens, and sags between rafters. Excessive moisture in your attic causes nails to rust. As the fasteners of your shingles fail, it is just a matter of time before the whole roof fails. Poor ventilation also creates heat-buildup in your attic, causing the undersurface of your roof to become hot. Add to this the damage on the exterior and your roof is compromised.