Residential Metal Roofing: New Trends

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You’ve probably heard a person or two say there is nothing that sounds better than rain on a metal roof but have you actually seen many roofs of metal? There’s a chance you’ll be seeing a lot more of these on residential homes and for good reason. Take a closer look at some of the following benefits you can see with metal roofing.

Longer Lasting

Did you know that metal roofing can last as much as two and three times as long as traditional roofs? This means they can be around for 40-60 years. Southern homeowners like them because they rarely get stained with mildew, a problem with traditional roofs. In addition, they don’t rust or leak and are able to hold up under winds as high as 140 miles an hour.

Better Protection

These roofs are able to pass UL 2218 Impact Resistance tests, even at the highest level of severity. For this reason they are ideal for those living in states prone to hail, and homeowners in these areas may even receive a discount.

Better For The Environment

Because metal is so long-lived you won’t be contributing to the estimated 20 billion pounds of old roofing materials that end up in the landfill each year. Moreover, metal roofing can be placed right over your old roof therefore removing fees for landfills, and removal of shingles.


Metal roofs that have been tested through time prove to reduce cooling costs by 40 percent. Shingles tend to absorb heat, making your home even warmer while some of the newest metal pigments are able to reflect as much as 85% of the sun’s rays.

Nearly Maintenance Free

In addition to lower replacement needs, metal roofing takes less to keep it updated as well. It doesn’t rot, split, curl, crack or become more prone to impact damage with age.

Savings On Tax & Insurance

In 2005, the U.S. Energy Policy Act was passed, allowing a tax credit for those who place a high-quality efficient roof, such as a metal one, on their home.


The metal roofing material of days passed has been replaced with many new finishes, colors, and profiles providing you with ample choices for your home and taste.

Key Points To Remember

There are some issues with warranties so it’s important to check your warranty. There should be the coil numbers from the vendors to insure it will be fully honored. Some people consider these roofs expensive. It’s common to compare the cost to shingle roofs, which are cheaper. Shingle roofs will need to be replaced four or more times in the life of a typical metal roof, so consider it a long-term investment.

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