Proper Attic Ventilation: Why It Matters

Some homes are built so that attic ventilation doesn’t matter. But that’s the exception rather than the rule. Most homes need proper ventilation to stay safe, comfortable and efficient. Specifically, attic ventilation is necessary to:

  • Maintain internal health and air quality
  • Sustain maximum energy efficiency
  • Control condensation and interior moisture levels
  • Keep you comfortable when inside your home.

Part of any new residential roofing job is a thorough attic inspection to make sure that the home has the right type and level of attic insulation. An attic inspection is essential to satisfaction from your new roof. When performed properly, an attic inspection looks for these things:

  • Signs of excess heat and moisture issues
  • Well-sized intake and exhaust vents along soffits and ridgelines
  • Evidence of birds, bats, rodents and insects
  • And more.

More About Attic Ventilation

When you first consider the issue of attic ventilation, it may seem strange that you’ve gone to the trouble to insulate your attic and then are purposely allowing unconditioned outdoor air to come in through vents. But this outdoor air is essential to an energy-efficient home, according to the federal government’s Energy Star website.

In the summer, having plenty of attic ventilation allows the super-heated air in the attic to escape, getting rid of harmful excess moisture and protecting the integrity of attic and roofing materials. The insulation below the attic makes sure that any remaining heat doesn’t transfer into the house.

Although it’s not often a problem here, ventilation can also help in the winter too. The natural flow of air to ventilate the attic in winter keeps it cool, preventing ice damming – that is, snow and ice on the roof melting and then refreezing on gutters and other structures, damaging the roof.

A common mistake in insulating a home is blocking air flow at the eves. The Energy Star website warns that you should always avoid covering soffit vents when upgrading the insulation of a home. The site also recommends that you consider adding an attic fan to further help with ventilation and improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

When choosing a roofing expert, you’re also choosing an attic ventilation expert. Make sure any roofing company you choose considers your attic, answers your ventilation questions and helps you decide what decisions are best for the quality and integrity of your home.

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