Metal Roofing And Energy Efficiency: How Metal Roofing Helps Save Energy

A metal roof is cool – literally. It’s not just a beautiful, durable and long-wearing addition to your home, but it can help you save energy by keeping your home cool. In fact, a metal roof is an effective way to help you stay comfortable when it’s hot outside while maintaining reasonable energy usage.

Understanding Cool Metal Roofing

When you choose a metal roof, you’re choosing a material that’s reflective as well as emissive. Simply put, metal reflects sunlight and radiates any absorbed heat back to the sky before that heat gets down into the structure and further down where you live. Research has shown that the surface temperature of cool metal roofs can be as much as 50 degrees less than the surface temperature of conventional roofs.

What does this mean for your energy consumption? It means that the interior of your home heats up less, each room stays naturally cooler and your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard or as much. And this means lower electric bills. In fact, reports from the United States Department of Energy show savings of as much as 15 percent when you choose a cool roof.

And there’s even better news if you’re planning a cool roof on a new home: You may be able to benefit from lower construction costs because you can properly air condition your home with a smaller, less expensive air conditioning unit.

The Numbers Prove It

Determining the exact level of solar reflectance and emissivity of a roofing material requires a complex calculation. This calculation is used to determine Energy Star compliance. Measured in numbers from 0 to 100, the solar reflectance index of white-coated metal roofing can range from 71 to 82. White asphalt roofing reaches a maximum SRI of just 21 to 40.

While testing is done mostly on white roofing materials, many other colors of metal roofing can still help keep you cool and comfortable. A number of paint types are available that include additives to increase the roofing material’s cool properties.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that cool metal roofing is durable, weather-resistant in a variety of conditions and looks great. Plus, it lasts for decades. So for energy efficiency and many other reasons, metal is the way to go.

Why not contact us now to learn more about metal roofing and discuss what choices you have for your home? When you go metal, you’re making the smartest possible choice.

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