Energy Savings With A Metal Roof

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Metal roofs are all rage these days despite the fact that they are costlier than other conventional roofs. One of their biggest appeals is the energy savings they provide. This post looks specifically at the energy savings provided by metal roofs and how they can be beneficial to homeowners and the environment. To begin with, let’s compare metal roofs with conventional asphalt ones.

Metal vs. asphalt

When compared to dark gray asphalt shingled roofs, metal roofs offer up to 25 percent reductions in cooling costs every year. This happens because of the highly emissive and reflective metal surface of the roof that reduces heat penetration through the roof deck by as much as 45 percent. You not only get to save money on your yearly energy bills, but you also get to reduce your carbon footprint, thanks to lower fuel and power consumption of a metal roof.

The energy savings of a metal roof multiply over the years, thanks to the longevity of this type of roofing. A typical metal roof can last for as many as 50 years, which is up to three times longer than any typical asphalt shingle roof. This means that you if you use a metal roof, you save money, energy, and material as long as you live in that house.

Here are some more benefits offered by metal roofs in terms of energy savings.

Metal roofs use more recycled material

Many metal roofs that you can buy today are made with a significant percentage of recycled metal. In fact, metal roofing is a major contributor to the steel and metal recycling market. Old refrigerators, dishwashers, cars, and other machines are used to make at least a quarter of a metal roof. What’s more, after a metal roof has served its purpose, it can be recycled further. In comparison, manufacturing asphalt shingles and other conventional roofing materials from scratch and later disposing them take lots of energy and resources.

Heating and ventilation savings

Did you know that across the United States over $40 billion is spent every year in air conditioning? Air conditioning costs take up a sixth of the total energy costs every year in the country. We have already mentioned that metal roofing can save up to a quarter of cooling costs. However, with a high reflectance paint system you can save as much as 40 percent on yearly cooling costs.

Dark asphalt shingles absorb majority of the sun’s rays and heat. This, in turn, makes an attic or a top floor very hot during the summer. The same house with a metal roof has a much cooler attic and top floor, because the roof effectively reflects sun rays and heat from the sun.

With increased environment awareness and energy costs going up, an increasing number of homeowners are getting smarter about their energy usage. They are using energy-efficient building designs and materials for their new and current homes. If you are serious about cutting energy bills, you must opt for metal roofing, which offers you important and significant long-term benefits.

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