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Ron and Deanna Domangue

In September 2009 we went to Shriever, La. to meet with Tony Fontenot and see the roofing product in his shop. He answered all our questions so we had him come to Baton Rouge and install a grey aluminum Country Manor Shake roof for us that same month. We told Tony that we would write a review for him after installation, but we decided to wait & see how the roof performed. To date we have had no leaks and no metal shingles coming off, even during high winds. Our utility bill decreased about $40 a month as well. It is very comforting to know that we don’t have to worry about problems with our roof during storms and hurricanes for 40 years. Thanks Tony for this great looking and sound roof.
Nick & Sheila Kalivoda

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We love our new standing seam roof. We have to admit we were really leery about putting this type of roof on our home. Although we love the look of it on commercial buildings, we weren’t completely sold on the idea of it being on our home. We thought it would make it appear too cold and uninviting. Well, as much as we hate to admit it, we were wrong. We LOVE this roof. We love the look and we love the way it totally changed the appearance of our home.
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We had considered a metal roof for our home for some time. The roof on our home has both a very steep pitch in one section and a relatively flat section that have caused the elements to significantly affect its integrity. We experienced many slipped shingles and leaks over the years. We finally decided to replace the roof with a Classic Metal Roof installed by Cajun Home Improvements. It was a great decision!
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So,.. can I tell you about my new roof?! Well, I have been saying for the longest time that I wanted to have my whole house remodeled. I’ve lived in the house for the last 30 years and the wear and tear on the roof, porch and house itself were starting to take a toll. My beautiful house was beginning to show its age (which is much older than 30 years).
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Our experience with Cajun Home Improvements has been extremely positive from initial phone call to clean up. The meticulous work completed on our new metal roof gives our home a whole new appearance. Your crew was courteous, hard-working, polite and very professional, keeping me updated with their progress daily. We are more than pleased with the work ya’ll have done and would jump at the chance to recommend your company to our friends and family. Thank you, we love our new metal roof.
Andrea Robinson

I had done plenty of research and compared all of the pros and cons of roofing material, so I knew that a metal roof was what I wanted. I read many blogs, posts by professional roofers, and experiences of home owners.  All roads led me to Cajun Home Improvements.  I am a very busy person and hard to pin down…thankfully Tim was patient in answering all of my questions by phone and email.  When I asked to see a finished roof in person, he immediately arranged for me to do just that.  It was nice to be able to see it in person and ask the home owners questions about their level of satisfaction post installation.  I run a home based business with client flow all day so I was concerned that installation would interfere.  I expressed my concerns and it ended up being quite painless.  The installation team was very accommodating and pleasant.  We were impressed with the efforts and skill of the crew.  Now, I have durable protection that will see me through all my storm seasons…worry

After our initial consultation with Troy, he told me that this roof would make my house “Pop”.  I laughed because I am a very practical person and the thought seemed quite silly to me at the time.  Well, I will have you know, that now my house indeed has “Pop”.  Come see for yourself!
Kami M. Boley

About a year ago my wife Sherry and I realized that we were going to have to replace our roof, because our asphalt composite shingles that were guaranteed for 25 years were deteriorating rapidly after only 18 years. After researching the various asphalt shingle or (paper roof system) on the market today. We come to learn and realize that all asphalt roofing systems are engineered to fail sooner or later.
James and Sherry

On February 24, 2013, my roof was damaged by a severe hail storm. On March 4, 2013, Cajun Home Improvements owner, Tony Fontenot and representative, Tim Liviccari, came to my home without being contacted by me. They inspected my roofing system and found it to be severely damaged, provided me with an estimate for replacing the same roofing system, all of my 6 inch seamless gutters and downspouts, and suggested that I file a claim with my insurance company. I did just that.
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Dear Mr, Fontenot,

First let me apologize because there is nowway I can make this short. I do believe I could write a better book about our experience with Cajun home Improvements but I will try to keep it to a letter!

Our 1926 farm house is in need of a total remodeling/renovation; the most urgent renovation being the roof. Our problem: we live in a VERY rural area with limited access to materials and quality labor. Since moving here all we have heard are “nightmare” stories from our friends and neighbors with regard to their remodeling experiences. “Trial & Error” was/is not an option for us. We had to make sure the roof we chose was the right roof for our home and the installation was done properly the first time.
Dee and Nancy Lloid

I’d like to tell you about our experience with Cajun Home Improvements and the installation of our new “Lifetime” roof. We called for an estimate after getting quotes from three other companies.

From the first meeting there was no question “Lifetime” roofing material is superior to any other roofing material we had previous quotes on. And by superior I mean – – We were pleased to learn that this roofing earned Energy Star rating – – which means lower energy bills for us. Plus, “Lifetime” roof meaning, this will be the last roof we have to purchase in our lifetime…Ever! Woe!

So the decision was a NO BRAINER. This is the rood we needed. We signed a contract- Within days the job began. The work crew worked long hours, diligently to completion. The results are just great looking. This new roof was so much more dimensional than the architectural rood we had before.
We would like to thank the work crew for a job well done. The take pride in their craftsmanship and company. This was not a quick rush job but you could say a precision one.

We would not hesitate to call on them again for any future home improvement projects. Above all we would gladly recommend them to family and friends of ours for their project needs.
Rebecca & Petar Bozovic, Bogalusa, La

From our first contact with Cajun Home Improvements it has been a very satisfying experience. The sales representative was very knowledgeable about the roofing product, its quality, warranty and efficiency. He explained step-by-step, the procedure and the expected timeline for the completion and payment. He also co-coordinated the roofers’ schedule, to fit OUR schedule! Never were we in wonder as to IF or WHEN the roofers were coming.
The “crew” was experienced, courteous, punctual, and hardworking!
There were some skepticism– metal roofing? Esthetics? Life-time warranty? But after the first day, all fears were put aside. The completed work is a Stand OUT look! We highly recommend Cajun Home Improvements and it’s metal roofing!

Roy & Diane Jordan, Baton Rouge, La

To Whom It May Concern:

After our shingle roof received hail damage, we decided to research the possibility of installing a metal roof. We learned that there are several types of metal roofs and we received several estimates; however we decided to have Cajun Home Improvements complete our roofing job for a number of reasons. This company offered the type of roofing material that resembles shingles. We liked this appearance better that the standing seam type of roof. Cajun Home Improvements uses aluminum that requires very little maintenance and can withstand winds of more than 200 mph. This was an important factor in our area due to damaging hurricanes. We are also concerned about the environment, and this roof can be installed over a shingled roof resulting in less environmental waste and easier clean up. We also hope to benefit from a more energy efficient system, as this roof is ENERGY STAR certified.

We are very pleased with the appearance of our new roof, and hope to enjoy all the benefits of having such an environmentally friendly product. We view this roof as a good investment and expect it to last as long as our house does. It would be wise to consider Cajun Home Improvements whenever a new roof is needed.
Darrel and Cindy, Gonzales, LA

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