Buying A New Roof? Make A Smart Financial Decision

Buying a new roof is a significant financial undertaking. While we offer some of the best prices in the industry, you still need to carefully consider the financial implications of your roofing purchase decision and understand that your purchase is an investment in more ways than one.

Here are three things to take into account about a new roof as you consider the financial implications.

The right new roof increases your home’s value. Low-quality, short-term roofs can restore your home value for a while, but they lose value and appeal as they stain, streak and start to fall apart. A well-constructed and carefully installed metal roof maintains a consistent look over time, adding lasting value and appeal to your home. If you plan to stay in your home several more years and then sell, a cheap asphalt roof, for example, could be looking and performing poorly when you’re ready to sell.

The best new roof has a great warranty. A guarantee can protect you if your roof is compromised due to quality issues. It’s also an asset when you’re ready to sell your home. But not every roofing warranty is worth the paper it’s printed on. There’s a lot of fine print in all cases, and some of it can sink your claim. Make sure you know if the warranty is prorated, transferable and whether it covers anything more than maker defects. Find out if it provides repair labor for failures, offers protection against wind or hail claims and covers faults in installation too. These factors will help you determine how much your warranty is really worth.

Time-tested products make a real difference. Through the years, many residential roofing products have been introduced that ultimately failed. Within just a few years in some cases, promising products proved they couldn’t do the job of protecting a home. These include many fiber cement products, some fiberglass choices and polymer products – all of which failed and sometimes resulted in class action lawsuits and losses for homeowners. For the best financial return, choose proven products like metal roofing, which has been around and meeting consumer needs for years.

Be sure to take the whole picture into consideration when making roofing decisions if you want to protect and enhance your financial future. If you need help choosing the right roof for your unique situation, we’re here to help. How may we be of service today?

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