7 Things You Need To Ask Your Metal Roofing Contractor

Metal roofing contractor

Choosing a metal roofing contractor is important, and you need the most qualified, highly skilled and experienced contractor you can find. To be sure you’re choosing the best, allow yourself time to interview each contractor you’re considering and ask the following seven questions:

1. Do you have a permanent place of business?
Go by and have a look at the place of business to see if it’s established and in good condition. Do you see evidence of equipment and activity or does it look abandoned or neglected? These could be signs of declining company, and a new storefront with little there could be signs of a new and inexperienced contractor.

2. Do you have adequate insurance coverage?
Get the details of the insurance coverage and verify it with an agent or the company that insures the business. If the contractor isn’t well-insured, you can automatically reject that person or business and move on to the next one. You could be held responsible for worker accidents on your property.

3. Is the company licensed and registered?
Also, find out if it is a member of any trade organizations. Find out what the law requires in your area, then look for a metal roofing contractor that exceeds the requirements.

4. How long have you been in business?
Experience is important. If I company has been in business five years or less, it could be unstable. Many metal roofing contractors will often fail in five years or less, so go with one that’s been around for a while. References should show several years of consistently reliable work.

5. What is your company’s record for complaint resolution?
Don’t believe contractors who say they’ve never had a complaint. Complaints happen all the time. You’re not concerned with whether or not there have been disputes, but you want to see a contractor’s reaction to being challenged about complaints and learn how they work to resolve them.

6. What is your workmanship warranty?
Metal roofing is guaranteed by the company that makes it, but installation should be guaranteed by the installing contractor. You should get a warranty that makes sense to you.

7. Can you explain how and when you will complete the job?
If the contractor can’t explain the process and set a schedule, think twice. A contractor should know how the work will be done and when — and they should know what kind of permits are required and what codes must be met.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure your metal roofing contractor provides complete cleanup and offers sensible payment terms.

When you ask questions, you can feel much better about your choice of a metal roofing contractor.

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