6 Important Truths About Metal Roofing For Your Home

Metal roofing

Metal roofing isn’t a novelty anymore. An increasing number of homes now feature metal roofing, and so can yours. Here are eight important facts you may not know about metal roofs:

1. Metal can go on over your existing roof. It’s frequently the case that metal roofing can be installed over old shingles, even if they have damage. This saves money and reduces the time and mess involved in installing your roof. Special installation techniques can make installing metal over asphalt shingles work even better.

2. Metal roofing isn’t noisier than asphalt. That’s just something people assume, but it isn’t true. Metal roofing is installed over a solid substrate in many cases, plus your attic and insulation provide sound damping. So does your old roofing material if it is left on. Even metal roofing installed over furring strips is quiet because this method creates air pockets that provide sound insulation.

3. Metal roofing doesn’t attract lightning. In fact, metal roofs are more likely to survive if struck by lightning since metal won’t burn. In lightning simulations, metal outperforms asphalt, which is combustible, and is dramatically better than wood shakes.

4. The warranties are about the same. Metal roofing often has a warranty of 30 years, the same as better asphalt roofing. But it’s more likely to last long past the warranty period. That’s because metal extinguishes flying embers, is immune to insects and doesn’t mildew or rot.

5. Metal works on non-standard pitching. Specific pitch or angle requirements must be met for most roofing materials to work, but metal roofing products keep you safe and dry no matter the pitch. Steep or gentle angles are fine. Roofs that are nearly flat can be covered in metal roofing for great results.

6. Metal roofing will survive hail. Asphalt shingles can be damaged to the point that they no longer keep water out from a single brief hailstorm. Metal roofing can withstand hail. While large hail over the size of a quarter in diameter may dent or create other cosmetic defects in some metal products, they will continue to perform well.

There are misconceptions about metal roofing, but more and more homeowners realize the benefits of long-lasting, durable, fire-resistant and windproof metal roofing. And the products available today look better than ever before.

Why not contact us about metal roofing – the last roof your home will ever need? It’s a smart decision that’s sure to serve you well for decades to come.

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